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[Interview] Illustrator  & Concept Artist - Julien SEROR form Paris


What’s your background and experiences

I did a training course in Applied Arts from the high school from 1998 till 2001, then I crossed Visual Communication in the ESAAT of Roubaix, from 2001 till 2003, then I joined two schools of visual communication to perfect in graphic design: the ATEP School, then Intuit Lab School, in Paris 11.
Afterward, I made several , I worked in agency.
It is in 2008 when I got my first contract with a publisher, to realize the illustration of a book for child. Then, I illustrated a schoolbook for Senegal, in "Hachette Livre International " Publishing. Afterward, I had several mission as roughman for diverse companies of communication, in particular the special event management, otherwise architecture.
In 2000, I had already worked in the concept art of sets for the Evillusion society, about the game "Eon of Tears"

In 2012, I joined the team of the Emilune Studio to realize concept arts of sets for the full-length film " Je vous ai compris" of Franck Chiche.
Then, the publisher Fan 2 Fantasy calls on to me to realize 3 character designs for an encyclopedia on a fantastic universe, called "Le Monde of Orobolan".
In 2013, I realized the illustration of the CD cover for the "Deafers" rock band.


What kind of style would you describe yourself and your artwork

I am someone sincere, generous, whole, rather often turned to the past, and its difficulties difficult to forget.
My work concerns essentially Fantasy and the Science Fiction, my main references being the Lord of Rings and Star Wars. I realize rather dark images, often Dark Fantasy with a realistic graphic style, with particular atmospheres and rather original designs.


What kind of work do you most enjoy doing

I like realizing illustrations with a dynamic centring, a stage setting with the movement and an interesting environment, in Fantasy or in Science Fiction, otherwise detailed and innovative character designs.

Name something you love, and why.

I love the images with realistic atmospheres with beautiful lights, with beautiful colored contrasts, compositions and innovative designs, because it is the own of the professional work in illustration and concept art.


What is your dream project

My dream project is to become illustrator and concept artist for famous publishers like Magic, Fantasy Flight Games, Wizard of the Coast, Appliblot, Alderac, Paizo... and for famous studios: Weta Workshop, Massive Black, Six More Vodka, Ubisoft Montréal, BUF, Sony, Blizzard, Mirada Studios, Tatopoulos Studios...

What are the roles of artist in society

The roles of an artist in society, it is before any making dream, make reflect, lead to forget the problems, express his personal feelings with a universal language, make discover of piece of news things, of new worlds, new ideas, concepts, to fight the current injustices, claim what what is inadmissible in the world, to bring love, peace, freedom.





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