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Rymer Bruining   


Rymer Bruining - 荷蘭 - 設計師

Rymer Bruining - Holland - Designer

Your story

I´m from Leeuwarden, a little town in the north of Holland. I went to Art College, CABK Constantijn Huygen (then) based in Kampen. In 2004 I started working as a graphic designer, since three years I'm working at

I never really decided to become a designer, it just happened. I was good at drawing so I went to Art College, I wanted to work with computers so I joined the graphic department and I had to make money so I got a job…



What does art and design means to you?

My role as a designer is to make everything on my path as comprehensible -and beautiful-as the assignments (and the customer) allow. I don't see myself as an artist, illustrating is what I like to do the most: There isn't a bigger plan (yet). It's my way of escaping everyday Life.

I never planned to become a designer, I just like to draw and structure information.

How would you define your personal style

I dont want to pigeonhole myself to one style BUT there is some kind of default style to my drawings. Some sort of comic-like style, developed from drawing to Marvel comics and Dutch comics. Teachers at the CABK tried unsuccesfully to make me abandon it.
Oh and I also like to draw colourful circles and patterns and create little stories.



What is the process of your work? What kind of materials do you use?

I always have a list of ideas I want to work on and when i have the time I realise them. I try to work as fast as I can to keep things fresh (for myself). I use pencils, Hema fineliners, markers photoshop and illustrator and i try to make three or four pieces a week.
It's also my way of training for my job as a designer. Ideas usually generate more ideas

How do you get your inspiration?

From everything. Watching out of the windows of the train, music, the internet, my friends etc.

What are your most critical challenges in your work?

To avoid pretensions and boredom and to excite myself.


What are some of your goals?

My first goal is to make better work. And I would like to make a living of my illustrations but if that never happens I'm happy just the way it is. And I would like to make a big epic comic.

What s your dream?

My dream is to live as an artist. Make big paintings and live in a studioshack. I think.

What is your motto in your work and life?

Make work.