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Kokonuzz( Alexis)   


Kokonuzz( Alexis) - 西班牙 -  插畫師

Kokonuzz( Alexis)Barcelona (Spain) - Illustrator

Your story


I am originally from Barcelona (Spain) and I have been living in Hong Kong since 2006. Since I was a kid, I have always enjoyed drawing cartoons, always with a very distinctive style and mostly as a means of self-expression and to create emotions in others. So from a very young age I realized I wanted to create things.


First I thought I could create buildings, so all my childhood I insisted that I wanted to become a famous architect and I was seriously convinced that I would be the one that would finish the construction of “La Sagrada Familia” started by Gaudí in Barcelona. I was so sure and confident about this that even my family started to believe I would do it!


However, at around 14yo I realized that my passion for creation went beyond physical structures and I discovered that what I truly enjoy building is ideas, concepts that I can then develop into products and structure as companies. I realized I could change people’s lives by turning ideas into realities so I decided to study Business Administration, specializing in Marketing.


So at around that age I started to imagine my ultimate dream: to create my own company, featuring the fun designs I had always created under my own brand, and place them on thousands of products, touching people lives and spreading happiness, humor and optimism across society. So in a sense, from that moment I knew that my future would unite my passion for drawing cartoons with my entrepreneurial passion. 


What does art and design means to you?

For me art and design is a very effective channel to transmit feelings and ideas and to create impact and reactions in the audience. So on the one side, it gives me (the designer) the opportunity to express myself and on the other side, it provides a very effective media to use my expression as a means of transformation of the observer (the audience).



How would you define your personal style?


My personal style is simple, colorful and expressive. My style is defined by what I like but also by my limitations. I never had an artistic training, so I always joke that my drawing style has not evolved at all since I was a kid - my cartoons today resemble a lot the cartoons I used to draw in my early teens.


你的創作過程是怎樣的?你通常會用甚麼工具及材料?What is the process of your work? What kind of materials do you use?

I start by working on the concept, what I want to reflect with the design. Then I sketch (pencil) ideas that put the concept to action, I fine tune the sketch of what I like the most, scan it and redraw it and color it digitally.

How do you get your inspiration?

I draw inspiration from reality, either my personal one or the social one. I love pop culture references and my works at Kokonuzz are greatly influences by the interaction of different cultures (lots of fun things happen when you mix different cultures). 


What are your most critical challenges in your work?


Connecting with people. Not always what I love and find funny is the same that other people love and find funny, and this also is affected by cultural differences. However, I enjoy this process of discovery and at the same time, I benefit from the globalised world, which is globalizing also a specific sense of humor (although there are many local types of humor too!).

What are some of your goals?

Make the Kokonuzz brands known around the world, bringing small moments of happiness, color and fun across cultures and continents! 



What s your dream?


Well, I am living my dream, I have created the company I always said I would create and I am working to make it a great success. I am a natural optimist and dreamer, so my mind is full of exciting things to do when that happens, some of them may sound crazy so I keep them for myself, but I can assure you this: I will do my best to make every part of the journey fun for all those involved!

What is your motto in your work and life?


Be Happy, Have Fun & Let’s Go Nuts!!!