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Mojo Wang   


Mojo Wang - Shanghai

Your story

I was born and raised in Shanghai, China, and then I went to university for being a bachelor who owns a degree in industrial engineering before I became an freelance illustrator based in Shanghai(Sounds I really love Shanghai...).

Let me see, my general professional interests...hmmmdoes staying at home and lying on bed while eating fried chicken counts? Except that, I like watching movies created by Jason Reitman, Chan-wook Park, Jordan Scott, Kar Wai Wong.etc(I’m a big fan of watching movies over and over and over and over...again.) And of course, anything has Nicole Kidman. Reading books(Ramond Carver is my favourite) and listening bands(no one is better then Florence+Machine, except, maybe The Pretty Reckless, Oasis, and those old bands who inspired them). Watching television show from USA, all kinds of crap, you name it, I watched it. Watching TED, spending time online for information of new weird things if they comes up. And well, the most important, drawing and creating whatever in my mind on my paper.

Would you believe it if I told you one weird gray man with big eyes and crazily long fingers told me I should do illustrations? No kidding at all.



What does art and design means to you

I want to say it’s who I am, but instead, it’s what I want to be. Like those who needs eat and sleep, art and design is my air. (Does it even make sense?)


How would you define your personal style

I really don’t like any question with an answer I don’t know, like this one. Let no matter who’s touched by my works to describe them, please.


What is the process of your work? What kind of materials do you use

Well, I live my life and something occurs to me before I capture it and pouring them out of my mind on paper or my imac, even a tissue from Starbucks if you’d believe. Really I don’t have any process, I mean, it’s not me the one who creats them, they makes the call with the help of my hand.


How do you get your inspiration

From movies, books, music.etc
I guess the correct answer is from my life and those things I’m enjoying.


What is your most critical challenges in your work

To be the one in my mind who can make this world sounds like a poetry written on silk if I’m capable of.

What are some of your goals

For now, it really doesn’t matter any more. Goals are for those who doesn’t even have time for a smile. I let it go with the flow of life, I take whatever life gives, and give whatever life takes as well.


What is your dream

Being a super hero on X-MEN.


What is your motto in your work and life

Saddness is my bride and lonliness is her gown.