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Yves Decamps   


Yves Decamps - 比利時 -  插畫師

Yves Decamps - Belgium - Illustrator

Your story

I grew up in a small town near Antwerp, Belgium. To escape from the traditional education, I started studying photography in a secondary art school. In the beginning I just liked it because of the relaxed atmosphere, but after a while I started to develop a real interest in photography and other visual arts. To be honest I can’t admit that it was a divine vocation that led me to do what I do now . Once finished highschool I continued studying photography at the Sint-Lukashogeschool Brussels where I graduated in 2002 . Because of my interest in documentary photography at that time I started travelling to countries such as Nepal, India, Boliva and so on. It was on a trip to Peru that I met my wife. So now I’m living here in Peru with my family for 7 years already. After publishing my first book ( “Au pied du Machu Picchu, Husson, 2011) I started to feel the need to do something else. The photographic medium couldn’t satisfy my creative needs anymore. When you make a photograph you always have to start from something which is in front of your lens. I wanted to communicate ideas from the inside of my head. So for me the most logic way was to draw. The only problem was that I didn’t know how to draw, so I decided to teach myself. For almost four years now I’ve been forcing myself to draw at a daily basis.

What does art and design means to you?

When I’m busy with art I relax, I forget everything around me. It gives me the chance to escape from a world of stress and madness. There’s only one big disadvantage: it’s nearly impossible to feed your family with it, especially when you don’t like to make a lot of compromises.


How would you define your personal style?

The style of my drawings is totally non-academic because I ‘m an autodidact. Most of my images are quite tightly framed. This is probably a consequence of my photographic background. The imperfection of my drawing style also helps me to achieve a surreal and sometimes even deranged atmosphere. I could also say that my art isn’t really for sensitive viewers. My biggest influences are Hieronymus Bosch, Pieter Breughel, James Ensor and Robert Crumb.

你的創作過程是怎樣的?你通常會用甚麼工具及材料?What is the process of your work? What kind of materials do you use?

I never doodle. Before I put one stroke on the paper I must already have the whole image in my head. It doesn’t mean that in the process of drawing there can’t be deviations from the original idea. First I put everything on paper in pencil and afterwards I trace it with China ink . Sometimes I make a collage with internet images in photoshop to trace and finish it afterwards in ink. Coloring takes place in photoshop and I also use felt tip markers. I use silkscreen and inkjet printing. Once in a while when I have a lot of time I also draw with ink on cotton. 

How do you get your inspiration?

I get most of my inspiration from daily life, on the streets , listening to music, hearing conversations on the bus. But my best drawings have their origin in my own frustrations and traumas


What are your most critical challenges in your work?

An artwork consist of various elements: color, composition, text, meaning,… . All those elements have to interact perfectly with each other, if they don’t, the image in its whole simply doesn’t work. I thinks that’s one of the biggest challenges for the artist whether we are talking about painting, music, film, theatre … it ‘s all the same thing.

What are some of your goals?

I would like to publish more books and it would be really nice to make commissioned comics on a regular basis.


What s your dream?

My dream is to open an independent art gallery and to be able to live comfortably from my artwork.

What is your motto in your work and life?

Do your own thing , don’t compromise. Do not try to be trendy, trendy shit doesn’t last. Take it easy, something that rises fast, quickly goes down.