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Brian Gibbs   


Vector Artist : Brian Gibbs  form New Zealand

Interview questions

Your story 

Kia Ora from New Zealand (hello) My Name is Brian Gibbs I'm an exclusive Vector Artist which mean I draw only with Adobe Illustrator. My education/experience includes many different fields but all link to something to do with art usually… I moved from my home town in Whangarei to Auckland to get my qualification in Graphic Design, at the same time working in the sign writing business (traditional hand painting sign on buildings etc and also working at a Plastic manufacturing company, included Designing Labels etc, Screen Making then Running the High speed UV printing press, Ive worked for Advertising Agencies and Newspapers as Concept Visual Artist. And I've done Photography (processing film to print).

My current position is a System Integrator for New Zealand best IT Solutions company Imagetext Publishing Systems Ltd, This job includes troubleshooting IT problems and teaching the use of Apple Desktop Publishing Software. Im Also a Freelance Artist that specialises in vector artwork using Adobe Illustrator with many companies including BMW, Renault, Porsche, Casio, Fisher & Paykel etc My Pinup work is a new development which I'm currently creating and have been working on for a few years now.

My interest include Tattooing, Racing motorbikes, Painting, Body modification Piercing etc, and Fishing.


How did you realize you wanted to become an artist?

I realised I wanted to be an Artist before i started junior school, but was encouraged mostly at school designing backgrounds for school plays etc and winning all the art competitions, my mother actually said I was born with a pencil :-) It was hard going as I got older, as I lived in a small town and everyone went to work as a farmer, builder or mechanic etc and everyone said you can't get a job drawing, thats why I had to leave my home town.


What does art  means to you?

Art to means being creative releasing the ideas, dreams and passion to create something new to give the viewer a visual experience.

Design to me means solving problems or making something look and work better, improving peoples physical world.

How would you define your personal style

I would describe my artwork as Contemporary Illustrated Pinups, from classic to the modern fetish. Im pushing the airbrushed pinups to a new level

What is the process of your work? What kind of materials do you use

A big part of what i do is use social media to get contacts and meet new Photographers and Models but as my work gets more publicity i get more people asking me.

I basically work on a 27" iMac, Wacom Tablet and use Adobe Illustrator.

How do you get your inspiration?

Im an Artist, I always have hundreds of visual ideas racing around in my brain, if someone starts to explain a look or feel to an image i get ideas and a key word will spark an idea to draw

It also helps to talk to the Models and Photographers and find out what they are looking for which will lead to even more ideas.



What is your most critical challenges in your work?

Making artwork that people appreciate, but i have no hangups if people don't like what I do, its my twist on an old art form that explores the beauty of women and shows it in a tasteful way.

What are some of your goals?

Basically to continue to improve my skills as an illustrator, try new ideas and techniques using Adobe Illustrator.

What is your dream

To be published worldwide and be recognised as a Pin Up illustrator… the first has been accomplished already with my book release Contemporary Illustrated Pinups.

The second part may happen sooner or later but in most cases the artist is dead before the are recognised :-)

What is your motto in your work and life?

"Keep learning, try new things don't be afraid of the unknown"